Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Thanks to Covid-19 I don't have anything to add for now.  The blog is not dead, just resting.  

Images of the Colne Valley Beagles of 2011. 

Generally I would do a review of 10 years ago but there is nothing happening just now and nothing likely to for some time as far as I can see, so here is 2011.   

I only took photos of the first half of the year so I have piled a few on here to make up for the missing half.

1st January 2011 - Wills O'Nats

 I don't know where they went after the Meet but I obviously didn't go.

8th January 2011 - Owd Betts


 Some fence climbing.

 More wire.

Driving homeward from the Meet to join the M62 eastbound this idiot was coming up the slip road the wrong way because he didn't like the look of the queuing on the motorway.

Coming back from a Lakes beagling visit I once met a car coming off the M6 that was going round the Penrith Interchange the wrong way - head on!  

19th January 2011 - Invitation meet by Airedale Beagles at Widdop

A small selection of a molecatcher's success.  A warning to other moles!?

22nd January 2011 - Brushes - Fred Langfield Memorial Meet.

An HVB Master doing a bit of 'yondering' as he lays down the rules of the day.

The weather can change quite quickly up here.

29th January 2011 - Cop Hill Meet

5th February 2011 - Delvers Inn Meet, Wainstalls.

I didn't take many photos.  I was wearing Hunter wellies, stepped on some green moss on a downhill slope and half crippled myself as one foot shot from under and one leg got left behind. Ended my day.  No more wearing of Hunter green wellies, light and flexible as they were.

8th February - Claro Joint Meet.

 Driving down a lane to the Meet I saw this hare taking the sun.

 Claro hospitality!

 Some searching going on for a contribution to the 'Cap'.

9th February 2011 - Visit to Hunsley Beacon country in East Yorkshire.

 Waiting for hounds to come back.

12th February 2011 - Hunsley Beacon visit CVB country at Scammonden.

26th February 2011 - CVB at Pots and Pans

 Waiting for the Scar View Foxhounds to go away as they were just around the corner.

 Snuff takers.

 A stray Scar View Foxhouds foxhound that drifted into the CVB pack.
 Getting attention.  Bob always liked to get on a pic. It is so sad he is no longer with us.

 And following the CVB

2nd March 2011 - Pennine Crossing.

5th March 2011 Closing Meet from Jack O'Mitre

12th June 2011 - CVB Hound Show at Honley Show.

 Some judging, so getting hounds attention to look their best.

 Pennine Foxhouds parading.

 Colne Valley Beagles in the main ring.

The Holme Valley Beagles parading in the main ring at Honley Show in their resplendent uniform, sadly no longer to be seen.

Children and others enjoying being with the mix of beagles and foxhounds of the three packs in the main ring.
Pennine Foxhounds in the main ring at Honley Show.  Another fine sartorial outfit well carried.

 Ecclesfield Beagles cum Holme Valley Beagles huntsman in HVB attire parading,

 Colne Valley Beagles parading in the main ring with a following of children.

 Colne Valley Beagles being judged

 Hunsley Beacon left and Per Ardua on the right

Cheshire Beagles get some silverware.

Oakley Foot Beagles won the Supreme Championship.